Welcome to the DIMAT Community

DiMAT aims to reshape the materials manufacturing industry via open digital tools for European SMEs in materials. To truly understand the needs of manufacturing companies and create digital solutions that resonate with their objectives we’ve created the DiMAT Community.

Here, you will have the opportunity to connect with professionals from industry and science and exchange tailored knowledge and guidance on relevant topics such as materials design, processing and manufacturing and the integration of concrete advanced technologies to simplify and elevate your “business as usual”. Members are provided with carefully selected content, focusing on what matters most.

Join discussions and stay in the loop on emerging trends, challenges, and best practices in digitalization within advanced materials manufacturing. Our monthly expert insights via articles, blog posts, and short video podcasts will keep you at the forefront of industry knowledge. 

Community members will be actively included in the process of DiMAT solution development and will be also offered early access to DiMAT Suites and specialized support for digitalization. 

As a member company, you will have the opportunity to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) for the DiMAT Suites. Selected companies will get the chance to experience the toolkits, offering a firsthand trial, consultations from renowned experts in the field and participation in the development of these solutions according to their needs.

Last but not least, being part of F6S – the largest platform for founders worldwide, as a member of DiMAT Community you will also receive updates on suitable funding opportunities available on the F6S network. 

Who we look for?



Startups in material production and technology developers.

SMEs and Mid-Caps

SMEs and Mid-Caps

Material designers, material producers, and manufacturing companies e.g. automotive, composite, textile, plastic, glass, etc.

Scientists and Reserachers

Scientists and Reserachers

Materials data, industrial engineering and production, AI engineers, standardization specialists, etc.



Material designers, producers, digital developers, product engineering students, etc.

Projects and Initiatives

Projects and Initiatives

EU projects, initiatives and clusters with expertise and/or interest in the field.

What's in for you?

I’m an Industrial Actor

Access to specialised knowledge
Access to expert support
Early adopter opportunity

I’m a Scientist or Researcher

Access to a collaborative space for sharing research findings and insights
Receiving insights from industry actors
Exposure to cutting-edge digital solutions and their applications in materials science

I’m a professional

(Material designer/producer/digital developer)
If you are a professional in the field or have general interest in advanced materials, DIMAT will offer:
Access to a collaborative space where you can raise discussions and receive responses from experts in the field
Knowledge database
Participation in co-development of open digital solutions

DiMAT Community Synergy Activities

DiMAT places a significant focus on fostering synergy, facilitating knowledge dissemination, standardization and scaling of digital solutions for materials design, processing and manufacturing. Whether you’re involved in an EU project, initiative, cluster, or represent a public body with a keen interest in the subject, we provide valuable cross-collaboration opportunities. Join us for heightened visibility and extensive dissemination of your project outcomes. Actively participate in collaborative activities through impactful workshops, engaging webinars, and more.

Become a DiMAT Community Member

Becoming a member is easy and takes just a few minutes. Upon clicking the “Join Now” button, you will be redirected to the F6S DiMAT Community page. Since our community is an integral part of F6S, the world’s largest platform for startups and companies, you’ll be asked to create a profile. After setting up your profile, joining the DiMAT Community is simple. Complete a brief form that captures your expectations from the community. Our administrators will carefully review your application, and upon successful entry, you’ll gain access to the Community page, unlocking the opportunity to actively participate and enjoy the perks outlined.

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Any Questions?

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. The DIMAT Team is here to assist you promptly to assist you.