DiMAT, a new project co-funded by the European Commission’s Horizon Europe programme, aims to develop Open Digital Tools with a set of advanced technologies for offering SMEs and Mid-Caps an affordable full modelling, simulation and optimisation system in each stage of the material value chain (design, processing and manufacturing) for improving quality, sustainability, effectiveness, and competitiveness of materials.

DiMAT will deploy 3 integrated Suites:

  • DiMAT Data and Assessment Suite: digital technologies for storing, sharing, representing and assessing materials data;
  • DiMAT DiMAT Modelling and Design Suite: digital technologies for material design, in terms of their internal structure, properties and performance, in order to predict the material behaviour before manufacturing;
  • DiMAT Simulation and Optimisation Suite: digital technologies for creating efficient materials manufacturing simulation CETCOMP processes and determining the behaviour of the material mechanical characterization models to be used in the AI training and prediction.

The DiMAT Suites will be demonstrated in 4 Pilots of European designers and producers of different materials: textile, composite, glass and graphite.

DiMAT consortium