Digital Modelling and Simulation for Design, Processing and Manufacturing of Advanced Materials

DiMAT project aims to develop Open Digital Tools with a set of advanced technologies for offering SMEs and Mid-Caps an affordable full modelling, simulation and optimisation system in each stage of the material value chain for improving quality, sustainability, effectiveness, and competitiveness of materials.

DiMAT will deploy 3 integrated Suites: DiMAT Data and Assessment Suite, DiMAT Modelling and Design Suite & DiMAT Simulation and Optimisation Suite. The DiMAT Suites will be demonstrated in 4 Pilots of European designers and producers of different materials: textile, composite, glass and graphite.

What are the main objectives of the project?

  • Support the transition towards industrial digitalisation
  • Increase speed of innovation by optimising the use of existing research results and facilitating uptake of new projects results
  • Design digital tools for industry to enhance efficiency and product quality, as well as to increase the capability for better and faster reaction to market changes
  • Contribute to the development of advanced material modelling solutions in particular for manufacturing industry
  • Enhance data interoperability and new type of services related to the data analysis, simulations and/or visualisation techniques in each stage of the material value chain using FAIR data principles

Running from January 2023 until January 2026, DiMAT project is led by a consortium that is a multidisciplinary team comprised of the following partners: CERTH, F6S, UPV, Fraunhofer, AITEX, NTUA, CETMA, DRAXIS, AMS, DIN, ROPARDO, NATUREPLAST SAS, TECNORED, ACCELIGENCE LTD, Hegla, CETCOMP, SUPSI and IMERYS.

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