DiMAT at BeDigital 2024 in Bilbao

DiMAT, in collaboration with its partner AMS, proudly participated in BeDigital 2024, a premier industrial event held in Bilbao, Spain from 3 to 7 of June. This annual gathering, now part of the renowned BIEMH exhibition, focuses on the digital transformation of the industrial sector, bringing together industry leaders, technology experts, and innovative companies to showcase the latest advancements in digital solutions.

AMS played a role at BeDigital 2024 as an exhibitor, presenting the DiMAT project. The AMS team set up a DiMAT stand, where they engaged with attendees, providing in-depth insights into the project’s objectives and achievements.

In addition to the stand, AMS delivered an impactful oral presentation, offering a comprehensive overview of the DiMAT project. This presentation was supplemented by a PowerPoint slideshow, which included engaging videos of the Suite 3, showcasing the project’s innovative capabilities and practical applications.

To further enhance the visibility and understanding of DiMAT, AMS distributed detailed flyers to attendees, ensuring they left with a clear understanding of the project’s scope and potential benefits. The Suite 3 videos, were particularly well-received, providing a dynamic and visual representation of DiMAT’s advanced functionalities.

DiMAT’s successful participation in BeDigital 2024 underscores its commitment to advancing digital transformation in the industrial sector. The positive reception and high level of interest in the project bode well for its future development and implementation.

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