Fraunhofer IWM in 1st VMAP User Meeting 2024

Location: Sankt Augustin, Germany.

The 1st VMAP User Meeting 2024 underscored the pivotal role of standardization in the digitalization landscape. This gathering, hosted by the VMAP consortium, provided a platform for industry professionals to converge, exchange ideas, and propel the development of the VMAP Standard.

Fraunhofer IWM, one of the partners in the DiMAT project, presented their latest findings and activities related to MODA and CHADA, which are crucial for ensuring compliance with existing standards and CWAs. By integrating these elements into DiMAT’s activities, the project aims to foster interoperability, contributing to shaping industry standards.

The meeting drew a diverse array of participants, including engineers, researchers, developers, and representatives from the VMAP Standards Community (VMAP SC) and ITEA (Information Technology for European Advancement) program. 

The topics included: sensor data storage, full model storage, and material data transfer in additive manufacturing processes. 

Fraunhofer IWM’s active participation exemplified their dedication to driving progress and leveraging collective expertise for the advancement of digitalization in the material value and manufacturing chain.

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