Meet the partners: ACCELIGENCE Ltd

ACCELIGENCE Ltd is a Cyprus-based company established in 2019. The company is engaged in cutting edge R&D activities to boost innovation capital, improve products and ensure alignment of the services to state-of-the-art, giving a particular focus on Unmanned Automated Vehicles, haptics, and other robotic solutions. Currently, ACCELIGENCE Ltd. is manufacturing its own UAV prototypes with different characteristics, to respond to various needs of different sectors taking advantage of the latest advances in AI and Robotics Engineering. The strong presence of ACCELIGENCE in large EU research consortia and the proven capacity to deliver niche technologies helps its customers excel in the era of globalization, technology acceleration and climate change.

In DiMAT, Acceligence will be responsible for running DiMAT’s Pilot: UAVs Manufacturing with Advanced Composite Materials (Composite)​