Meet the partners: IMERYS

IMERYS is a world leader in mineral-based specialties, offering high value-added solutions to many different industries, ranging from process manufacturing to consumer goods. Their value-added solutions are formulated to meet the technical specifications of each customer and contribute to the performance of a multitude of products in three categories:

1. Functional additives – added to the mineral formulation of customers’ products.

2. Mineral components – essential constituents in the formulation of customers’ products.

3. Process enablers – used in customers’ manufacturing processes, but not present in the end product. These serve many industries such as construction materials, mobile energy, steelmaking, agri-food, automotive, and cosmetics.

IMERYS’ strategy is designed to deliver steady income growth for the Group to create long-term value. They continuously invest in and develop their Science & Technology program, industrial capacity, mining resources and geographic expansion.

In DiMAT, IMERYS will be responsible for running DiMAT’s Pilot: speeding-up the New Product Development Process (Graphite)​.