Meet the Partners: UPV

The Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) is considered one of the leading universities in Spain, being the single Science and Technology University in Spain to feature in all world’s university rankings.

UPV, as DiMAT partner, is composed by 2 Research Centres: CIGIP and ITM, both members of the Polytechnic City of Innovation. The Research Centre on Production Management and Engineering, CIGIP, has participated in 34 European Projects and 150 R&D contracts with regional industrial firms from different industrial sectors. The Institute of Materials Technology, ITM, was set up in 2005 as its own research structure, which currently brings together a group of more than 60 researchers. ITM aims to encourage and promote quality research, foster applied research and technological development in the field of Materials Science and Engineering, in order to facilitate the transfer of technology and knowledge to companies in the industrial and construction sectors.

In DiMAT, UPV is responsible for research & development (R&D). UPV will also play a role of Technical Manager and Quality Control Manager.