Meet the Pilots: NaturePlast

DiMAT started the “Meet the Pilots” series with an amazing interview featuring Pauline Moreau from NaturePlast

NaturePlast specialises in providing support to industrialists who wish to develop products using bioplastic materials. Their expertise allows them to be present from the inception of an innovative project to its industrial realization, completing all the coordination steps.

The mission of the company is to select suitable materials, prioritise local partners, formulate and design materials that meet the challenges of sustainable development, promote locally the by-products of French industries, and support manufacturers in the use of more responsible materials.


In DiMAT, NaturePlast is responsible for running DiMAT’s Pilot: Synthetic Textiles Production (Polymer).

The questions answered in the video are the following:

  • What is your role in the DiMAT Project?
  • Which Solutions are you applying and can you describe them?
  • How are you applying the solutions?
  • What added value do you expect the solutions will bring to your business and how is this different from your business as usual?

This interview offers valuable insights into the DiMAT scope and objectives, making it easier for the general public to understand our purpose. 

To watch the video, click in the button below: